Australia and New Zealand 915Mhz Amplifier booster to increase hnt gains for helium mining can be used with every miner NEW HeliumAmplifier

AU-915MHz Now Available for Australia and New Zealand Helium Mining

New HeliumAmplifier V1 Alpha Frequency Version "AU-915MHz" Now Available for Helium Mining in Australia and New Zealand

Good news for Helium miners in Australia and New Zealand! A new frequency version "915MHz AU" is now available for purchase, allowing you to maximize your mining potential in these regions.

With the new frequency version, miners in Australia and New Zealand can now join the growing community of HeliumAmplifier users around the world. The new frequency is specifically designed for use in this region, and is optimized for efficient and reliable mining operations.

The Helium Amplifier V1 Alpha is fully compatible with the new frequency version, and is the perfect tool to maximize your mining potential. With a high quality +12dB gain LNA, the amplifier provides unparalleled signal strength and clarity, allowing you to reach witnesses from farther away and increase your HNT earnings. The amplifier also features a TX LNA with +3dB gain, which compensates for pre-amplified losses and maintains compliance with all HIPs and PoC protocols.

In addition, the Helium Amplifier V1 Alpha comes equipped with 2 high quality SAW filters that remove all out-of-band noise, making your mining operations more efficient and profitable. You'll say goodbye to cable, adapter, connector, and splitter losses, and hello to higher earnings and more successful mining operations.

Don't wait any longer if you have a Helium Hotspot in Australia or New Zealand, Amplify your gains. Purchase the new frequency version the HeliumAmplifier V1 Alpha "AU-915MHz" today and unlock your full mining potential. Start maximizing your earnings and taking your mining operations to the next level with HeliumAmplifier.

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