About Us

 "Based in Portugal, founded in Jan 2022, HeliumAmplifier was created out of the Helium Community, we had the goal of having an in stock low price fast shipping amplifier focused on Helium, to combat scalpers, hungry profit margin motivated companies and bad quality amplifiers that were destroying anyone's wallets who intended to purchase a amplifier for the use in Helium Hotspots that could also comply with PoC versions and HIP's.
 So we created it.
We could not wait patiently, and pray for some manufacturer that has 0 knowledge about Helium and how it works and evolves to build this for us and our niche community and cross our fingers and hope they would sell at reasonable prices.

 So, in early january we decided to create Helium Amplifier, to provide not only amplifiers for our own hotspots, but also to everyone in the community who intends to improve their RF signals. Anyone who doesn't stay happy with mediocrity, anyone who wants the best out of their Helium Hotspot investment, while improving the network. We can and will provide you a great costumer service that helps and teaches you how to use our products properly in your own locations for you to actually see results.
Not only showing you specs and prices, if you contact us we will trully help you."