Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use the HeliumAmplifier V2?
- To significantly increase your witnessing area
- To reduce cable loss
- To filter out of band noise

- LNA boost up to 3x your area coverage
- +17dB, overcompensates for cables loss
- Saw filters fitted remove all out of band noise

How to use?
Connect the amplifier the closest to the antenna the better, then connect your cables and hotspot after

Lingning arrestor?
(May or may not need it depends on location)

Multiple miners?
(for testing purposes)

Cavity filter?
(You don't need it our amplifier already has 2 narrow band SAW filters fitted)

How do I use it outside?
If you connect the Helium Amplifier V2 outdoors we recommend you to insert it inside a ip67 case or waterproof the DC port with electrical tape and hot glue/silicone.

Do I need to use a expensive splitter if I want to connect more than 1 miner? (for testing purposes)
No the Helium Amplifier V2 gain will overcompensate any kind of losses created by any kind of splitter

Do I need to add a expensive cavity filter?
No. Our amplifier already has 2 SAW filters fitted, although using a high quality cavity filter may help improve your SNR value, but will add insertion loss before the signal is amplified.

Can I use a BIAS-TEE?
Yes, use a 5-15v 60mA BIAS TEE.

Will I get more HNT?
Yes, your witnessing area will increase and signal quality will be significantly higher, giving you more witnesses and PoC receipts, as result your average daily $HNT will be higher.

How long until I get better earnings?
The same day you connect the Heliumamplifier V2, monitor your witnesses and signal quality, compare before and after. Share your results!

 Give us your feedback and share your results! If you need any kind of help contact us, our customer service will promptly answer and help you in less than 24h.



How long does delivery take?
All orders are dispatched within 1-3 business days, and take between 1-7 days to be delivered (usually via FEDEX Express). Please allow an additional 3 day margin for shipment because of international no flight zones.

How can I track my order?
After your order is dispatched, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email that contains your tracking information. If for any reason your tracking number doesn't work, please reply to the email and someone will assist you.

What if my order is lost or damaged?
We will happily replace or refund any lost or damaged orders free of charge.

Do you deliver orders to my country?
We deliver to the majority of countries around the world, If there are any issues, we will contact you directly.

Where are your products delivered from?
Our products are delivered from Portugal, to maintain fast EU, UK, US shipping times.


Can I change my order?
Yes if your order hasn't been sent yet after 14 days of purchase , please contact us and we'll be happy to change your order.
Orders that have already been dispatched from the Manufacturing facility cannot be changed.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, if your order hasn't been sent yet up to 14 days after purchase, please contact us and we'll be happy to cancel your order.
Out of stock orders that have already been dispatched by our Manufacturing Facility to our Office cannot be cancelled.



Can I return my order?
Yes, returns can be made up to 14 days after receipt of purchase. Discounted Items cannot be returned. To initiate an exchange, please contact us and we'll provide you with the closest returns address to you. Once we've received your return, we'll email you or once your exchange order has been dispatched. 



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