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HeliumAmplifier V2

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Need more witnesses? 🎈

Remember when you had a hard time choosing cables, window cables, adaptors, connectors and splitters?
When you needed to permanently drill a wall or a roof in order to just pass some shorter cables?
Or when you had to deal with the logistics and risks of putting a indoor miner outdoor?
And still couldn't get witnesses from far away?

Maybe you tried to have your setup optimized, by buying Highly expensive LMR 600 cable or premium 400$ set of splitters and cavity filters or tried to connect your indoor miner with a 15cm cable to the antenna port.

If you want to actually maximize your possible Gains. Use the HeliumAmplifier V2 and maximize your number of witnesses. With a powerful +17dB RX LNA, witness a significant boost in coverage. The advanced narrow band SAW filters eliminate ALL out-of-band noise, optimizing efficiency and signal quality in the desired Helium frequency range.

Experience industry leading specifications with +17dB RX gain, +0dB TX gain, 2 SAW filters and a remarkable 0.8 noise figure. Compatible with every hotspot brand.

Bi-directional Amplifier
Receive Gain +17dB
Transmit Gain +0dB
2 narrow band SAW filters
867-869MHz (EU) ; 902-928MHz (US) ; 915-928MHz (AU)
0.8 noise figure
N-female Connectors


The HeliumAmplifier V2 is a Bi-directional amplifier limited to 15dBm/30mW, compliant with all HIP's and PoC protocols. Enjoy a seamless installation at any cable length, a plug-and-play hassle-free operation while increasing your daily $HNT earnings.
Unleash your full witnessing potential with your HeliumAmplifier today! Amplify your daily success!

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Significantly Boost your $HNT Gains

The HeliumAmplifier amplifies the antenna signal, increasing your Hotspot reception radius up to 3-times.
Plus the signals of your antenna are also filtered, to improve the signal quality of your Hotspots that are in High Traffic areas like cities or near LTE or 5G Towers/Antennas.
Your Hotspot transmission signal complies to all EU/US legislations and the Helium Network PoC's protocols and HIP's. Keeping you away from an illegal situation and off the ban-List.
While increasing your $HNT income.

Get your Helium Amplifier!

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